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Cemetery: Calvary Cemetery-Sacred Heart
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Allen, Woodrow 07/05/1977
Amaro, Felix 11/24/1967
Andera, Christopher John 04/30/2009
Anderson, Grace 08/14/1976
Anderson, Lloyd 10/19/1957
Anderson, Mary Inez 07/02/2003
Anderson, Melvin Junius 00/00/0000
Appelgreen, Arlene Ann 04/16/2010
Appelgreen, Donald E 01/02/2013
Archey, Carl 04/08/2006
Archey, Mary 07/07/1975
Arends, William 01/29/2020
Arnold, Dale 01/20/1986
Arnold, Kathryn 10/15/1983
Babmber, Margaret 12/30/1890
Backus, Dale E. 07/05/2000
Backus, Patricia 06/05/2007
Bader, Deborah M. 00/00/1961
Bailey, Jeremy Andrew 10/30/1998
Balasquez, Jose 05/12/1977
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